Are you living up to your full potential? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you know what makes you happy?

Or are you postponing your dreams? Living life as it comes – floating through it, grasping what it has to offer? Waiting for that one day, when everything will magically fall into place?

For decades, I accepted to live exactly like that, hoping that circumstances would change for the better or sudden luck would strike, but in reality nothing happened.

Now I know why!

Be the change
that you wish to see
in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In a lot of cases you might not even know what is holding you back. All you can see are areas in your life where you are not performing at your best. Or areas in which you would like to succeed, but the vision is just too big and scary and so you procrastinate until you are “ready”. Your internal dialogue will make sure that you think it is too dangerous to move on.

I am the right coach for you if you are willing to look further and break free from the vicious circle of outside circumstances controlling your life, resulting in negative emotions, low self esteem and passive stress. This state of mental stagnation and permanent lack of belief in your inner strength will make you lose motivation, happiness and joy in life.

During our coaching journey you will transform, gain confidence and grow beyond your limitations, becoming your own hero and an inspiration for others!

During our coaching journey you will transform, gain confidence and grow beyond your limitations, becoming your own hero and an inspiration for others!

Hello, I am Tiina with double “ii”!

I am a passionate Rapid Transformational Therapist and Personal Performance Coach on a heart driven mission to help you figure out what is blocking you from moving forward and having an extraordinary life now!

I will support you in becoming an individual with well developed emotional maturity, which is one of the biggest components for a happy and fully satisfying life. You will free yourself from past-based dysfunctional patterns, which make you act and react ‘automatically’. You will have clarity around your personal needs and goals, power over your own future choices because of a newly found understanding of self, transformed self-confidence and a set of healthy self-beliefs.

I use the best combination of different skills, tools and my tested step-by-step approach to provide rapid and sustainable results for you to achieve your dreams, improve your performance in any area and live a vibrant and fulfilled life.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford


RTT is a unique and powerful method which uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. RTT changes unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs and bad habits by rewiring, reprogramming and replacing them with new, healthy and successful ones.

The tools and techniques used in RTT lead to powerful transformation allowing to work on old traumas, past experiences, pain and discomfort that you may have been holding on to for years. It offers a freedom and permanent change in a single 90 minute session. The list of topics RTT can be applied to is almost endless.

make sure you take matters in your own hands, don’t wait.

Working with a coach could be the best decision you have ever made. Even the most successful and confident people on the planet are at times experiencing limitations in themselves. At such times, it is invaluable to have someone by your side who is experienced and committed to your best performance and achievements.

Olympians would not win gold medals by themselves, would they?

“With his (Tony Robbins, life coach) help I’ve taken my tennis game and my life to a whole new level.”

Serena Williams
The Women’s Tennis World Number 1



Happy customers.


"I had 8 sessions with Tiina and the effect of which surpassed all my expectations. Tiina was able with her gentle yet persistent and accurate way of posing questions to tackle down my self-beliefs which were out dated. I was able to let go the old truth which I believed about myself and which was holding me back in achieving my goals and tap into my dreams and face them – this was something! I realised I was the only one holding myself back, being too scared to actually live my dreams. I am immensely grateful for Tiina’s coaching and lucky to enjoy my Life in the present, without dwelling over the past or being anxious about the future!"

Elisabeth Mayer


"When I turned to Tiina to work through my goals, I was immediately struck by her qualities as a listener and someone who was empathetic and insightful. What became more apparent in the two sessions – and it was amazing how much ground we covered constructively without deviation – was that I was in a state of confusion – the brain saying one thing and the heart another. Through working with Tiina I realised that my initial goals were perhaps not as ingrained or as important as I had thought. Subsequently some lifestyle changes have occurred and I feel in a much better place. Tiina takes a holistic approach in her coaching; something that was right for me."

Nicola Hyde
Commmunications Consultant


"I approached Tiina to help me with a limiting belief that I wanted to change around my self-belief. I found Tiina to be a very intuitive coach, who not only patiently listened to me but who also helped me to make sense of the tangled knot I had in my head. My negative statements became more positive ones which helped me to shift the limiting belief I was hanging on to. The exercises I took away with me to practice helped to cement the new belief patterns, and I feel much happier and lighter in myself having gone through the process with Tiina.I would highly recommend her and wish her all the best in her coaching career."

Claire Christopher


A Few More Things about me

◇ I love dogs and I cry when I watch heart-warming animal rescue stories on YouTube.

◇ I am a huge fan and follower of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

◇ I have never been the most social person, love my privacy and don’t like small talk.

◇ I am fascinated by the human mind and I am naturally curious about people.

◇ At the age of 18, I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

◇ I went through a relationship with an alcoholic, who in the end got physically abusive.

◇ I experienced what it means to not have any money.

◇ At the age of 22, I skydived (solo jump) from 1200m and did a bungee jump from 90m to conquer my fear of heights.

◇ I experienced a panic attack while scuba diving 18m deep in the middle of the Indian Ocean, when an unexpected current separated me from my diving instructor.

◇ At the age of 29, the demands of a stressful work situation burned me out.

◇ I faced challenging dynamics and communication problems in my own family.

◇ At the age of 33 I took a leap of faith into the unknown when I decided to move to the country of my dreams.

◇ I learnt how dwelling on the past just makes you a better masochist.

◇ I believed my sensitivity was something shameful, because being a “tough cookie” was way sexier. In fact it is the gift which helps me today in my coaching business.

◇ I am afraid of insects, ignorance and badly managed positions of power.

◇ I love the company of inspiring people, reading, yoga, travelling, sea and sunshine.


Stop acting small when your dreams are big!