This year it's time to start using the F word!

To be frank it’s time we all started to use the F word much, much more!

I’m asking you to think about the future. Let’s be honest, how many times in the past year have you considered your future? The future of a loved one?

I’d like to offer something a little more than than instant gratification. How about giving yourself, your closest friends and family something totally different and far more powerful this year?


A change in thinking could change the world

Do you or your loved one have a dream or a wish you want to achieve, but you feel stuck or not ready to move on?
Maybe you or your loved one have started on the path to a dream but then procrastinated or simply postponed it all together? Could the problem be that you or your loved one lacks self belief?

I’ve helped 100s of people change their thinking helping to transform both their personal and professional life, by unblocking barriers and transforming how they see themselves. By listening to your inner voice there’s no reason why you too can’t create a truly remarkable life.


Ready to book for yourself or a loved one? This course is now available for the price of £200

Make 2020 the year of success

I have used the years of my knowledge and expertise to put together a 65 page step by step guide. A blueprint that will help you achieve your goal or dream. The process involves asking yourself questions that you do not ordinarily ask yourself. It makes you see things from a different perspective and will open up new possibilities to you. This guide will help you not only see things differently but will also provide you with all the steps you need in order to start moving and achieve your dream. It is simple to use, anyone can follow this step by step plan effortlessly. 

 Enjoyable, easy and transformational:

  • Identify the area of your life that needs the most attention now.
  • Discover how to set your future as a priority and start moving towards your goal.
  • Identify the steps that you need to take.
  • Learn how to deal with your limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Easy, ready made weekly and daily planning for you to fill in.
  • Learn the importance of self acknowledgement.

I’ll be with you every step of the way!

As an added feature I include my support. I’ll be working with you for 30 days. You will get 4×30 minute coaching calls with me, so that we can make sure your progress is steady and smooth.

Are you excited already?

This course is available at the price of £200 

Happy customers.

“I have found Tiina’s coaching session inspiring and uplifting. I felt empowered and excited after the coaching session. Tiina is an incredibly gifted coach who doesn’t leave a stone unturned. She challenged me with loving kindness and fully understood my individual needs and learning style. I have a tendency to see the big picture only and act without considering reality. Tiina helped me consider all angles of my goal. She also challenged me with care, which was needed, as it helped me reframe my goal.

Tiina was in tune with my individual needs at all times, which enabled me to define a clear goal and consider the benefits of achieving it. Tiina also helped me consider what would happen if I didn’t achieve my goal, which was a great wake-up call. I felt I was listened to deeply and always had a chance to answer the questions at my own pace. The overall benefits of Tiina’s coaching session to me was that they have helped me feel confident in the way I teach and assisted in transforming my negative thinking and beliefs about not feeling good enough.”

Kristina Futoova
Lecturer in Further Education & Positive Thinking and Law Of Attraction Workshop Leader in London

Renu D.

“My sessions with Tiina were very useful in helping me gain clarity on my goals and making them seem more “do-able” and achievable. I spoke to her about a range of things all of which seemed much more manageable after the sessions.

Her style of questioning was relevant and clearly displayed that she had listened to what I was saying, she picked me up on things that I might have said without thinking and made sure I explored anything that was potentially holding me back.

I had a few lightbulb moments with Tiina which were great and really helped to push me forward. Tiina is an insightful and very natural coach, she builds rapport easily and I felt extremely comfortable talking to her even about my most personal thoughts.”

Karin L.

” I had a great experience with my coach. She created a very relaxed and trusted environment, where I felt 100% comfortable to open up and share my dreams/goals. I wanted to work with my career goals and direction where I want my career to move. We set a 5 year plan and manageable little goals to get me there. I felt very supported and encouraged and she is checking in with me to keep me on track. Which I really love and that is exactly what I was looking for. We continue with our sessions regularly and I am looking forward to each session.”

David A.

“What has been positive about the coaching? – Helped change my mindset, and see things in different light, be more positive and to remove limiting beliefs, as a result of Tiina I have started back on my Coaching Academy course and will be a qualified coach by September 2017. Tiina said many insightful things many of which have become part of my library of mantra’s – I have also been promoted in my current school due to the coaching provided by Tiina. For me it has been a very positive experience, what I do know is that I had a coach who knew exactly what to say to challenge and to get me to be a far more reflective individual. We had excellent rapport and at every stage of my journey I felt supported.”

Elisabeth M.

“I had 8 sessions with Tiina and the effect of which surpassed all my expectations. Tiina was able with her gentle yet persistent and accurate way of posing questions to tackle down my self-beliefs which were out dated. I was able to let go the old truth which I believed about myself and which was holding me back in achieving my goals and tap into my dreams and face them – this was something! I realised I was the only one holding myself back, being too scared to actually live my dreams. I am immensely grateful for Tiina’s coaching and lucky to enjoy my Life in the present, without dwelling over the past or being anxious about the future!”

Nicola H.

“When I turned to Tiina to work through my goals, I was immediately struck by her qualities as a listener and someone who was empathetic and insightful. What became more apparent in the two sessions – and it was amazing how much ground we covered constructively without deviation – was that I was in a state of confusion – the brain saying one thing and the heart another. Through working with Tiina I realised that my initial goals were perhaps not as ingrained or as important as I had thought. Subsequently some lifestyle changes have occurred and I feel in a much better place. Tiina takes a holistic approach in her coaching; something that was right for me.”

Claire C.

“I approached Tiina to help me with a limiting belief that I wanted to change around my self-belief. I found Tiina to be a very intuitive coach, who not only patiently listened to me but who also helped me to make sense of the tangled knot I had in my head. My negative statements became more positive ones which helped me to shift the limiting belief I was hanging on to. The exercises I took away with me to practice helped to cement the new belief patterns, and I feel much happier and lighter in myself having gone through the process with Tiina.I would highly recommend her and wish her all the best in her coaching career.”

Charanijt V.

“Having done lots of self development work I knew I still needed to go deeper in terms of the limits in my self expression and my relationships with men. During the RTT sessions Tiina, uncovered some core underlying beliefs hidden from my view that were still running my life. Beliefs that I’d taken on as a child from my parents. And during the RTT sessions I released fear and anger, and felt a shift happening which allowed me to connect more deeply to myself and leaving me with a greater sense of ease in my life and relationships generally. I loved working with Tiina and based on her passion for this therapy and the results I experienced I would definitely recommend working with her.”

Tracy B.

“I have had many types of different therapies throughout my life, some have been more helpful than others. My sessions with Tiina have not only been helpful but were very powerful. Tiina brought things to the surface (my conscious mind) that I thought I’d dealt with. This enabled me to link things together and understand myself in a way that I had not done before. I felt very safe and secure, this helped me to really allow things to come up for me.
Tiina provides an excellent audio recording to follow up the session. Listening to these regularly has helped me to really cement healthy thought patterns, my life has now shifted to a place where I am able to recognise negative patterns and beliefs. I would highly recommend an RTT session with Tiina; she is a dedicated, kind, gentle, understanding therapist. Her ability to guide you safely through the RTT process is outstanding. Tiina provides support after the sessions, always checks in with me and continues to offer a positive approach to situations. She is inspiring and I can’t thank her enough.”

Become An Inspiring Individual