About me

It took me years until one Sunday morning, grey and rainy, I woke up, looked out of the window and decided that I could not live like this anymore…

This is when the journey of self-discovery started. The highs and lows I experienced made me who I am today. I found out what I truly value and I let go of the expectation that others are responsible for my state of mind, my happiness and wellbeing. I came to understand what is important in life, I set my priorities and I keep myself on that journey.

However, that has not always been the case: There was a time when I was stuck and totally dissatisfied with my life. I was lost and had no motivation, focus or clarity around my career. I was unhappy and unable to find a long-lasting romantic relationship. Harsh self-criticism, strict rules and never-ending negative chatter in my head were often killing off my good vibes, leaving me easily agitated, exhausted and numb. The list of things I thought I should be doing kept me feeling endlessly guilty even when I was on holidays. I could never really let go of control and just enjoy myself. All this had a damaging effect on my health, relationships, work and overall wellbeing.

I learnt how disconnected from my true self I was, doubtful in my decisions, making poor choices and unable to accept my needs without making myself wrong. For a long time, I believed all my thoughts. I never really questioned the source they were coming from.  It was only when I learnt that the main duty of our mind is to keep us SAFE not HAPPY, that something clicked.

Letting go of what no longer serves you is the key to a happy, successful and fulfilling life. I will guide you through this process, in which you will leave your past behind and grow beyond your limitations. It is the most rewarding, liberating and satisfying journey you will ever take.

Where I gained
my professional knowledge and experiences

The Coaching Academy, UK

Corporate & Executive Coaching Program
Personal Performance Coaching Diploma
Confidence & Holistic Coaching
Neuroscience and Coaching

The Marisa Peer School UK

Rapid Transformational Therapy
Certified Hypnotherapist

Holistic Institute, Estonia

Holistic Therapy

Landmark Worldwide, UK

The Landmark Forum
The Advanced Course
Communication Curriculum
Team, Management, and Leadership Programme

A Few More Things about me

I love dogs and I cry when I watch heart-warming animal rescue stories on YouTube.

 I am a huge fan and follower of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

I am fascinated by the human mind and I am naturally curious about people.

At the age of 18, I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

I went through a relationship with an alcoholic, who in the end got physically abusive.

I experienced what it means to not have any money.

At the age of 22, I skydived (solo jump) from 1200m and did a bungee jump from 90m to conquer my fear of heights.

I experienced a panic attack while scuba diving 18m deep in the middle of the Indian Ocean, when an unexpected current separated me from my diving instructor.

At the age of 29, the demands of a stressful work situation burned me out.

I faced challenging dynamics and communication problems in my own family.

At the age of 33 I took a leap of faith into the unknown when I decided to move to the country of my dreams.

I learnt how dwelling on the past just makes you a better masochist.

I believed my sensitivity was something shameful, because being a “tough cookie” was way sexier. In fact it is the gift which helps me today in my coaching business.

I am afraid of insects, ignorance and badly managed positions of power.

I love the company of inspiring people, reading, yoga, travelling, sea and sunshine.

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