What Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can do for you

What areas of your life can RTT help?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) gives you freedom.

It transforms your life and enables you to have success in the areas you want. RTT is a pioneering therapy that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT. It delivers extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional and psychological pain by working with your negative beliefs and emotions that are stored in the subconscious mind.

RTT can help you in many areas of your life. Low self-esteem, self- worth and lack of confidence is the main root cause of all the troubles we are experiencing in our lives. To name a few, whether you want to overcome nervousness about public speaking, progression in your career by being more confident, or put a stop to a pattern of toxic relationships, it all starts with you not believing that you are lovable or simply good enough.

The tools and techniques I am using in the RTT session will help you to heal your old wounds that were created by an incident or a trauma you may have gone through a long time ago. Anxiety and panic attacks are the best examples about the trauma that wasn’t dealt and healed soon enough. When the negative experience gets fixed in our subconscious mind, it creates a lot of stress to the whole body. RTT gets to the root cause of the issue, not by just treating the symptoms of a traumatic experience from the past.

On our first call we can discuss in more detail what it is that you are seeking to achieve from the therapy session.


RTT will help to give you the freedom you seek

So when I say freedom, what do I mean? I mean that you will eventually be free of your dysfunctional internal narrative. Most of us are familiar with the thoughts in our head that sound like we are talking with ourselves. This voice in our head gives us advice, it criticizes or simply keeps us company. This constant noise in our head is not always a sign of a mental illness, it is very normal to be aware of your own inner dialog. Some people notice it more than others. It is proven by scientists that we are aware of our inner thoughts by approximately 5% of the whole thoughts we think in a day.

You might start to notice that your inner dialog is telling you that “I can’t trust anyone but myself” “everyone is judging me” “I’m going to fail”. This may come from an incident that happened in your childhood, it may not. You may be aware of it, you may not, but during our RTT session we will discover and address those beliefs together and you WILL overcome this and have your freedom.


Real life example:

She* came to me with lots of doubt in herself, in her relationship and how she feels about it. Second guessing everything. She was literally driving herself nuts with all the questions in her head. She couldn’t trust her own opinion. She was overly apologetic and at the same time deeply disappointed in others and in herself. Believing she is codependent.

She described her situation as: my brain is a mess, I can’t think straight, I feel trapped, sad, guilty, manipulated, exhausted, lost, stressed, despair, helpless and ugly. She had an overwhelming fear of making mistakes. Highly strung all the time, sometimes feeling that the next dark moment could be too hard to handle. She was suffering from social anxiety and she was avoiding meeting people.

She wanted to find peace, calm and serenity.

Today, one session and one month later she is a new person. I am so glad to share with you some of her email to me: I’ve had a great time. I stopped reading the Co-dependency book because it didn’t resonate anymore. I’m getting better with communicating and following through my preferences. I’ve been chatting to lots of people! It’s been so fun. Work is going well. I found a big mistake I made on my site this morning and I was pleased! Instead of beating myself up, I was happy I found it so quickly. Also, I have impressed myself today. I felt anger, but had no idea I could feel and control anger like that. Usually it overwhelms me. But not anymore. I’m doing very well with feeling my feelings and checking with myself if further action is required.

*The privacy of my clients and their healing journey is very important for me therefore I don’t use names, unless it is a testimonial and they have agreed to it.

So, what is the transformation in Rapid Transformational Therapy?


When I say transformation, what do I mean? When you undertake RTT you look closely at the incident that may well be causing you issues. Something in your past that affected you, but let me tell you, it is never the incident that affects us, it is the meaning we give to things. In the RTT session we work together to apply a different meaning to it, you will find peace with what happened and begin to move on with my help. That’s the start of your transformed life. 

RTT may be the key to your success


And when I say success, what do I mean? When you have the belief: “I’m not able”, “I can’t do that”, “No, that’s not for me”, “I’m not good enough”, “nobody will love me”, it can be really difficult to build something on top of those beliefs. We work on those negative beliefs during our session and by the end of the session you will receive a recording, that will then empower you to cement a set of new and healthy beliefs that disregard the negative ones.

I offer anyone who is interested in RTT a free discovery call, which you can book here. During the call we will discuss your future and decide whether RTT is right for you.




As a therapist and coach, I help my clients to heal their past wounds and let go of these patterns of behaviours that they seem to not have control over. The tools and techniques I use are efficient in spotting and clearing the root cause. This then allows you to create a new belief system and understanding that will give you the results you need.

The change starts with you and within you!

If you have any questions, please contact me for a FREE discovery call or send me an email at tiina@tiinanellis.com

Here’s what my clients have to say…

I approached Tiina because she inspired me to change for the better.

We dealt with a belief that I was not good enough and it was mostly showing up in my
romantic relationship. It made me feel like I needed to earn love and therefore I put everyone else’s needs before me.
Tiina helped me to remove blocks and beliefs from my subconscious mind that were planted there since my childhood. The result was fabulous and I felt an immediate shift in energy and love for myself. I loved the session where we let go of the past and the recording that made me feel positively addicted to it. I found the whole experience life changing because I never loved myself enough and never knew how to put myself first. Am still working through some issues in my relationship, but now I feel much more protective towards myself and my needs.
One thing I really liked was Tiina’s constant support and professionalism, she was always there helping me to understand the difference between childhood thoughts and mature thoughts, she was my guru and my hero for the whole 21-day’s journey. I would recommend her to people who need healing on a deep level because it makes so much difference.

Rima, December 2019

Since I was young I was always pushed into going for talk therapy and I never did it because I never believed in it. I never believed that dwelling in the past can heal you. When I first heard about RTT I was like yep, this is something that could work for me and worth giving it a try. To be honest at first I had doubts that I would heal in 1 session. I thought I would need at least 2, but no way, Tiina had worked things through and the recording she gave me was absolutely life changing.


After 21 days I can say that 1 session was more than enough. I feel light and I know that being weak and vulnerable is a good thing and it is allowed , letting go of many things was and is very important. I understood that we don’t need to be in control of everything nor everyone around us. I feel like I am walking on clouds and that a new page of a beautiful life has been given to me. I know now that I can create a wonderful beautiful life that I desire.

Tiina, I am unconditionally grateful today and for the rest of my life for everything you have done for me, and for your own existence, you are such a loving caring kind and sweet human being and your soul is pure beautiful light that was able to heal my wounds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Joyce, January 2020

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