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Do you suffer from anxiety or experience low self-esteem and confidence issues? Do you have dreams or goals that you postpone and procrastinate over?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) offers permanent change in a short space of time because it focuses on working with the root cause. RTT is ideal for dealing with mental, emotional and physical issues that originate from negative past events, experiences or trauma.

Coaching will help you to stop procrastinating, look into the desired future, enable you to create a sustainable plan and take action in achieving your goals.

A combination of RTT and Coaching is suitable when the issues are more complex and you would benefit from a longer transformation and support period.

Please contact me for a free discovery call and together we can decide the best way forward for you. 


Both methods, coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), work extremely well face to face as well as via the internet. I use Zoom that is easy to set up and reliable for online sessions.

An advantage of meeting via Zoom is that you can experience your transformation in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world, wherever you feel is a good space for you to be in. Book you call today.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

The change brought about through RTT is profound, lasting and going to make a real difference in your life. You can free yourself from a fear, a belief, a health issue or a habit that is blocking you and causes you a great deal of discomfort. You will improve your wellbeing and start to feel lighter, happier and more relaxed.

Your journey begins with one live RTT session, but the transformation itself will take upto 21 days for the full benefits to be realised. The full 21 day course is provided with continuous support and guidance. After the 2hr session you will receive an audio recording that I will make personally for you and in line with the issues covered. It is essential for you to listen to this every day for the next 3 weeks, at least once a day. By doing this, you will rewire your mind into new healthier beliefs that will attach themselves deep in your subconscious mind, and therefore will become a part of your new transformed life.

The 21 day RTT course includes:


  • 1 x 2 hour RTT session
  • 20 minute personalised audio recording
  • Email support during the 21 day transformation period.
  • Educational reading plus a suggested reading list
  • 3 x 30 minute review calls (one every week) to monitor your progress

Please find a full description of how RTT works:

Coaching Session

Do you need more clarity and focus to achieve your goal? Are there are obstacles on your journey that you seem unable to find solutions to? Maybe you need to work on your time management and planning. Would you benefit from someone keeping you accountable for your actions? Would you like to learn new tools and techniques about how to be more efficient? Do you need help with managing your mind chat and negative self-talk?

Coaching sessions are to help you think outside the box and look into your desired future, making sure that it can and will be achieved.

The coaching packages that I offer are flexible and designed to support you in the way that works for you. The length and the frequency of the calls depends on your goals, and can be decided and arranged during our initial free discovery call. 

The below options usually work with most client coaching journeys, but can be tailor-made to fit in with your own goals and coaching plan.

Coaching packages include either:

  • 4 x 40 minute calls (one every week) or
  • 2 x 60 minute calls (one every fortnight) or
  • 1 x 60 minute session followed by 3 x 30 minute review calls to monitor your progress

You will also get:

  • Support via email
  • Exercises, tools and tips to deepen the coaching result
  • Educational reading plus suggested reading list

Please find a full description of how Coaching works:

Mixture Sessions (RTT + Coaching)

Are you struggling with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks or depression and you need help? Are you affected by bad habits, addictions or compulsive thought patterns? Have you been through a trauma or been brought up by dysfunctional family dynamics? Are you suffering from various health issues or are you under a lot of stress?  Each of these issues above may need more detailed attention, transformation time and a combination of RTT and Coaching sessions.

This approach allows you to get the benefits of the 21 day RTT transformation and then have a follow up with extra help from our coaching sessions. Our weekly calls will assist and support you to move forward with your new habits and healthier beliefs by making it more organised and easily achieved. The lengthier approach allows us to work more efficiently on stubborn and deep-rooted negative thought patterns or old negative habits that have dictated your life, giving you stronger and more tangible results.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me for a free call and we can discuss your issue or a goal in more detail.

Happy customers.

“I have found Tiina’s coaching session inspiring and uplifting. I felt empowered and excited after the coaching session. Tiina is an incredibly gifted coach who doesn’t leave a stone unturned. She challenged me with loving kindness and fully understood my individual needs and learning style. I have a tendency to see the big picture only and act without considering reality. Tiina helped me consider all angles of my goal. She also challenged me with care, which was needed, as it helped me reframe my goal.

Tiina was in tune with my individual needs at all times, which enabled me to define a clear goal and consider the benefits of achieving it. Tiina also helped me consider what would happen if I didn’t achieve my goal, which was a great wake-up call. I felt I was listened to deeply and always had a chance to answer the questions at my own pace. The overall benefits of Tiina’s coaching session to me was that they have helped me feel confident in the way I teach and assisted in transforming my negative thinking and beliefs about not feeling good enough.”

Kristina Futoova
Lecturer in Further Education & Positive Thinking and Law Of Attraction Workshop Leader in London

Renu D.

“My sessions with Tiina were very useful in helping me gain clarity on my goals and making them seem more “do-able” and achievable. I spoke to her about a range of things all of which seemed much more manageable after the sessions.

Her style of questioning was relevant and clearly displayed that she had listened to what I was saying, she picked me up on things that I might have said without thinking and made sure I explored anything that was potentially holding me back.

I had a few lightbulb moments with Tiina which were great and really helped to push me forward. Tiina is an insightful and very natural coach, she builds rapport easily and I felt extremely comfortable talking to her even about my most personal thoughts.”

Karin L.

” I had a great experience with my coach. She created a very relaxed and trusted environment, where I felt 100% comfortable to open up and share my dreams/goals. I wanted to work with my career goals and direction where I want my career to move. We set a 5 year plan and manageable little goals to get me there. I felt very supported and encouraged and she is checking in with me to keep me on track. Which I really love and that is exactly what I was looking for. We continue with our sessions regularly and I am looking forward to each session.”

David A.

“What has been positive about the coaching? – Helped change my mindset, and see things in different light, be more positive and to remove limiting beliefs, as a result of Tiina I have started back on my Coaching Academy course and will be a qualified coach by September 2017. Tiina said many insightful things many of which have become part of my library of mantra’s – I have also been promoted in my current school due to the coaching provided by Tiina. For me it has been a very positive experience, what I do know is that I had a coach who knew exactly what to say to challenge and to get me to be a far more reflective individual. We had excellent rapport and at every stage of my journey I felt supported.”

Elisabeth M.

“I had 8 sessions with Tiina and the effect of which surpassed all my expectations. Tiina was able with her gentle yet persistent and accurate way of posing questions to tackle down my self-beliefs which were out dated. I was able to let go the old truth which I believed about myself and which was holding me back in achieving my goals and tap into my dreams and face them – this was something! I realised I was the only one holding myself back, being too scared to actually live my dreams. I am immensely grateful for Tiina’s coaching and lucky to enjoy my Life in the present, without dwelling over the past or being anxious about the future!”

Nicola H.

“When I turned to Tiina to work through my goals, I was immediately struck by her qualities as a listener and someone who was empathetic and insightful. What became more apparent in the two sessions – and it was amazing how much ground we covered constructively without deviation – was that I was in a state of confusion – the brain saying one thing and the heart another. Through working with Tiina I realised that my initial goals were perhaps not as ingrained or as important as I had thought. Subsequently some lifestyle changes have occurred and I feel in a much better place. Tiina takes a holistic approach in her coaching; something that was right for me.”

Claire C.

“I approached Tiina to help me with a limiting belief that I wanted to change around my self-belief. I found Tiina to be a very intuitive coach, who not only patiently listened to me but who also helped me to make sense of the tangled knot I had in my head. My negative statements became more positive ones which helped me to shift the limiting belief I was hanging on to. The exercises I took away with me to practice helped to cement the new belief patterns, and I feel much happier and lighter in myself having gone through the process with Tiina.I would highly recommend her and wish her all the best in her coaching career.”

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