What makes Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Different?

What Makes RTT so Effective?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) offers a combination of the most beneficial principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. This mix of therapies has proven to be an effective and comfortable experience for hundreds of my clients and thousands of other RTT users as well.

RTT is different (and more effective) in four ways.

So, what makes RTT different is really four things.

Firstly, CBT deals with problems on a conscious level, in RTT I deal with the client’s subconscious mind where all of our memories, failures, traumas and beliefs are stored. Our subconscious mind is hundreds of times smarter than our conscious mind. It remembers not only incidents but also feelings and tiny details that clients might not be aware of, but that might be crucial in solving the issue they are dealing with. This is where the root cause of the problem and deep limiting beliefs like “ I am not enough” or “something is wrong with me”, “ I don’t belong”, “ I am not worthy of love” are stored. To get access to our subconscious mind RTT uses hypnosis. So that’s one thing.

 We will get to the root cause of your issue

So, the second thing that sets RTT apart from other therapies is that it deals with the root cause, not the symptoms. As an RTT therapist, I want to know where, how and why it first started. When working on trauma or a painful incident I have several tools that I use to carefully untangle it. By making sure that the client feels safe and comfortable in revisiting the scene it is possible to relieve blocked emotions. We work together on the meaning and beliefs that the client’s mind created during or after the incident. I use powerful suggestions to make sure the incident is reframed and let go.


RTT doesn’t end when your session finishes


The third difference is that a Rapid Transformation Therapy session is not only two hours, but 21 days of continuous transformation and support. During that time I am in contact with my clients over the phone and email. Some issues and some clients need more attention and support than others, but everyone likes to know that I am there for them.

What is the RTT recording?

The fourth is that the difference between hypnotherapy and the RTT is that after the session the client receives a personalised audio recording based on their issue. The empowering language and positive affirmations I use make sure that the requested result will sink in the subconscious mind and stays there permanently. The recording is around 20 minutes long. Then they need to listen to that recording every day at least once for 21 days. Why 21? Because 21 days is known as the minimum time for a new habit or belief to really cement in our mind.

What else sets RTT apart from other therapies?

It can be done in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. You can literally be on the other end of the world. It’s easy, safe and efficient. No need to spend time and money on travelling and meeting face to face or using uncomfortable therapy rooms.


Real Life Cases


One client of mine was dealing with a strong negative thought pattern and being able to help her every time she struggled with intrusive thoughts made her move on faster and more effectively. The whole 21 days was transformational for her.

Another client who had a tendency to feel guilty and apologetic even when she didn’t need to, overcome it completely by training herself to share her thoughts with me without any guilt or shame every time she needed. The 21 days was long enough to set the new habit in.

Another client who came to me with several traumas noticed that she was having a hard time doing the things she planned. Quite often procrastination is a side effect of trauma. By having a weekly call with her plus keeping her accountable for daily activities for 21 days made her see the pattern of procrastination and notice the triggers that she was able to overcome.

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 Here’s what my clients say

RTT with Tiina has literally changed my life. I have noticed many positive changes in my behaviour, some more obvious than others but all equally important for a happier and more confident me. This positive style of thinking helps to create new neural pathways that lead to a better version of me with internal peace, happiness and a positive outlook on life.

Maya, January 2020

I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, especially when driving and in interviews or meetings. Being anxious would make me feel sick and I’d then panic.
The thought of hypnotherapy made me feel anxious but Tiina was reassuring and patient. During the RTT session, I felt calm, especially knowing that I could stop if I needed to.

Katie, March 2019

Since the session and listening to the recording every day I have been able to drive with no anxiety at all, it’s like I’ve just forgotten about it or my body can’t be bothered with it any more. I’m very grateful for what Tiina has done for me, she really helped me overcome restricting and crippling feelings, I feel so free. RTT, helped me to be a confident and happy person.

Katie, March 2019