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What Is Coaching & How Does It Work?

Coaching helps you to develop clarity about your situation through gaining an awareness of what you were not present to before. It enables you to achieve what you really want because the coach focuses on your individual needs with a set of well-trained skills, attention and commitment that you rarely experience elsewhere.

Coaching is future orientated; a motivating discussion about where you are now and where you would like to be. You will start to think BIG so that you can act BIG.

A coaching conversation is so effective because the way you talk, the tone you use, the intonation of certain words and the words themselves provide a coach with valuable information about your beliefs, fears, strengths and obstacles. Being aware of these is the first step on the way to transforming them.

I will be your loyal companion throughout your journey towards achieving your dreams. I won’t judge you – our journey will be fun and invigorating, challenging at times but definitely rewarding.

I promise it will be time well spent.

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Only YOU are the source of your happiness, success and overall wellbeing.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Coaching will solve your problems because it will help you to look at your situation from a different perspective, create a bigger picture of your reality and see/think outside of the box. Together we will change the focus in such a way that you start to see opportunities where before there were obstacles.

I love challenging your thinking and meaning making machine (your mind), while searching for those little triggers which, when addressed and re-programmed, will make a big difference. You are so much more than you believe to be, when unnecessary layers of self doubt and confusion are removed.

Start Rewriting Your Future Today!

Life rewards courageous, unstoppable and inspirational individuals and YOU ARE ONE!


Every change starts with you. Feeling good and confident about yourself is the base for success in any area of your life.

Knowing what you want in life allows you to set your priorities and choose wisely.

Being aware of your needs is important in order to ensure healthy boundaries for your well-being and overall energy. Your motivation and action are greatly affected by it.

Learning what triggers you helps you to manage your emotions and frees you from heavy and unnecessary “mind chatter” and dwelling on the past.

Your “musts” will inform you about your beliefs.

While working together your thinking patterns will get lighter and take up less importance. Over thinking is the main source of unhappiness and mental exhaustion and directly connected to how you feel.

You will start to trust yourself which will help you to conquer your fears.


Life is all about relationships including your children, your partner, colleagues - basically everyone and every day.

Satisfying relationships are created in communication and that is why it is enormously important to have skills in good communication.

With deeper awareness of who you are and healthy beliefs about yourself, it becomes natural that you surround yourself with people who are your “cup of tea”.

You will learn how to express your needs without feeling guilty or uncomfortable.

Being misunderstood is very easy. The clarity that coaching offers will help you to understand others and yourself better.

Accepting other people as they are without constantly trying to change them.

Learning how to deal with expectations and judgements from others.


Coaching will help you to re-focus on yourself and your aspirations as well as see things from a new perspective.

When you know what you value in life and what is driving you, what your strengths and weaknesses are, it is much easier to choose and make the changes you desire.

You don’t enjoy your work but you play it “safe”, perhaps lacking the confidence to move forward.

You have dreams, but they seem unrealistic. You are used to seeing yourself as small and not important.

You know you have much more potential, but you cannot find motivation to start acting.

You need support while searching for a new job or applying for different role.

You would like to ask for a pay rise or more money for your services, but you don’t know how and it feels so uncomfortable.

We will identify your self-sabotaging patterns which are holding you back on a daily basis.


Happy Customers.

Tiina is an excellent coach, she digs deep with her questions, which allowed me to find some hidden limiting beliefs, reconnect with parts of me that I love and were being neglected while I was focusing too much on how to build my business. She is caring and supportive but always ready to make the next question, to find out what is behind my response, even paying attention to the verbs I was using, helping me to reflect on my motivations and on what I really want for my life and my business. I am very grateful for the coaching process I had with her.

Carmita Prieto
Women Inspiration Coach, Purposeful Living Advocate

“My sessions with Tiina have been brilliant, I had a big goal that I have been working towards and she has helped me break it down in to manageable chunks and also helped me to stay calm and productive during the process. Her method of coaching is beautiful, came right from the heart and because of this you feel completely heard and understood. She has a holistic approach which I absolutely loved. I will definitely work with Tiina again in the future when I have a big goal to reach. I couldn’t recommend her services enough. Thank you for the wonderful sessions. “

Rhupa Bodhani
Rue Belle

At the beginning of the sessions with Tiina I had quite big challenging goals with a huge motivation to implement them in life by a particular deadline. I was very eager to do so, which at the same time created significant stress and lowered my work efficiency.By asking the right questions, listening carefully, giving me space to come to my own conclusions, Tiina helped me to realise the necessity to take it easy, take one step at the time, concentrate on smaller goals. This gave me much more rest, comfort and the possibility to see the visible results of my actions.

Kristina Kisileva
Life Coach
in Education

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