It’s December and most of us are thinking of Christmas already. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year that many of us adore. It’s time to get together with family and friends, share gifts and enjoy good food. But as wonderful as it can be, it can be also overwhelming, stressful and financially worrying.

Christmas has traditionally been a family celebration with little gifts, but more focused on that special time with loved ones. But over time we have been tricked into focusing more on gifts. It became a celebration of consumerism that hugely benefits the department stores and other retail outlets who want us to run around like headless chickens and waste all our money buying things that would just tick the box. The number of gifts that are waiting to be returned after Christmas or find themselves in a lonely corner is worrying.

What happened to the time and effort that we would need to put in to figure out the gifts that are REALLY needed and REALLY wanted. How about this year we focus on gifts that HELP us and our loved ones grow, feel that they are heard and understood? Or create memories, take trips together, go to the theatre or just sit and be with them.

In my work, I see so often how little we communicate and express our needs and feelings. All we do is we assume, we create mental pictures of the worst possible scenarios, we know how people will behave and what they will say before they even open their mouths. We live most our time in our heads, full of old unnecessary knowledge that our minds are eagerly feeding to us minute after minute. The mind has taken over and all we do is obey and live those unwanted patterns without recognizing our power and knowing that we should be the masters of our mind.

We have lost the connection between ourselves, we treat our body and its problems with medicine rather than sit and listen. We have become fully functional robots running after wealth and happiness like never before, judging everything and everyone on our way. What happened?

I guess it’s the rhythm of life and society – we rise and we fall, we understand and we forget. Social media has made our life a contest of comparison, but at the same time, it has given us limitless opportunities to share our thoughts, knowledge and experiences. But we can use this outlet to our advantage! The amount of free help that is available about mental wellness, mindset and overall health is positively overwhelming.

How you are going to spend your life is your choice. It’s not our fault that we were not taught that mentality in school, but it is our fault if we decide to continue through life as ‘victims of circumstances’. Wake up my dear friend and look around in your life. Are you happy and fulfilled? If not, don’t wait for something to fall from the sky just to help you out, even if you believe it could, you would still need to do something for that to happen.

Reach out to your close ones, ask for help, share your thoughts and if you have no one to turn to reach out through social media where there are thousands of us offering help, advice, free tools and tips of how to help yourself.

I am focusing this month on offering a gift for you if you would like to start to shed a light into your negative thought patterns. My offer is a coaching program with four 30 min coaching calls that would help you focus on the next brave and wonderful steps to take you forward on your journey towards happiness and contentment. The offer will be out very soon, stay tuned!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your December and the build-up for Christmas. I am here if you want to ask or share anything, just click here to email me and we can have a free consultation call.


Love, Tiina