Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a mixture of the best parts of different therapies. This allows an RTT therapist to find the root cause of the issue a client is having. Every problem has a cause and trying to cure the problem without knowing where, when, and how the origin formed would be just like putting a plaster on a wound that is still bleeding. That is, why RTT is so effective. In most cases there would be no need for more than one to three sessions to transform the whole issue.

What happens when I book a consultation?

Before every session, we would have an initial consultation call where we would talk through the concerns you might have. I will explain what we are going to do in the session and answer all the questions you may have.

At the beginning of the session, I will help you to relax your mind and body to get comfortable. Contrary to the common belief that being hypnotised feels like sleeping, during the RTT session you would feel awake with a clear focus that allows you to remember the past events without the conscious mind actively thinking of daily tasks. You will be able to do and say anything without the feeling of losing control or being made to do or say anything against your will.

What will I be asked to do during a Rapid Transformational Therapy session?

During the session, you do not need to do anything more than just allow your mind to relax and listen to my instructions. Most of my clients describe a Rapid Transformational Therapy session as a guided meditation through the memories that are associated with the concern. If the past memories are traumatic, I have many tools to ensure that you are only revisiting them without reliving them again. It might bring some emotions back, but it is a part of a healing process that requires to let go of the blocked emotions, express concerns and make peace with it. Only after letting go are we able to create something new.

The second part of the session we will focus on putting in place anything new that is needed for you to succeed in the area you have chosen to transform.

Each session lasts around 2 hours. Afterwards, you will receive a personalised recording that you would need to listen to for the next 21 days. The purpose of the recording is to keep transforming your beliefs and habits. During the whole 21 days, we would be in contact and have regular calls to monitor and support the process of transformation.

What will it feel like?

Some clients feel relieved and light right at the end of a session, others see most of the change during or after the 21 days’. The whole process is individually based on the issues we have worked on and the depth of the trauma, memory, or a belief we let go.

How can RTT help you?

The list of the issues Rapid Transformational Therapy can help with is long, starting with a simple well being concerns. It can help with, anxiety, self-esteem, confidence issues, depression, addictions, health concerns and mental health issues. The best way to be sure I can help is to send me an email or have a consultation call where we can decide the best way forward. You can find more information on the Work With Me or RTT page. You can also contact me via my Instagram and Facebook page.